Just to get me started.

Hey there, goodfellas!

So, you’re probably glued to your screen right now, eh? Biting your nails, wiping your sweaty palms on you thighs, craving news on Ragni’s exciting day in Oslo? I know you are. It’s okay, I don’t blame you. And being the extremely nice person that I am, I’m going to tell you. That’s what a nice guy I am!

Sooo, here goes…
I went to Oslo at excactly 12.03 today, together with my totally awesome friend Aurora, and my totally weird brother, Sverre. We went by train. We do that a lot. It’s easy, convenient and (in my case) free. We were supposed to pick up some political flyers and buttons and stuff for me, and a manga book for Sverre. We did neither. What we did get to do was eat a great deal of croissants and learn a couple of songs about pandas and owels. And I bought a book called «Pride and Prejudice and Zombies». A successfull day out, in other words.

When I got home, I ripped nine CD’s over to my brother’s iPod. You see, I lost my iPod about a month ago, so now I’m taking his instead. Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t do something like that unless it was an emergency of great proportions. And this no doubt qualifies. You see, I’m heading off to Bergen tomorrow. A trip that’ll take about eight and a half hours. I will need music. Therefore, my pals Nick Cave and Tom Waits are coming with me. I’m so lucky to have friends like that. And friends like Anja, of course. Anja is one of the people I am heading off to Bergen to visit. Anja is awesome. She’s soft and reminds me of unicorns and cotton candy and kittens wrapped in pink bubble gum sprinkled with star dust. Multiplied with awesome. No wonder I’m looking forward to this trip. AND… I’ve even managed to do some packing today. My suitcase is half full (or half empty, if you’re one of them pessimists) and I’m awfully proud. I usually porspone the packing as long as possible, and end up running around the house thirty minutes before my train leaves, looking for that one particular pair of thights that I surely can’t survive without.

Oh shit. Now I’ve lost track of time again. If I am to have any hope getting up tomorrow morning, I better get some sleep.



One response to “Just to get me started.

  1. Your blog is delicious. I hope you have a great time on Bergen, geez, you better do – eight hours on a train? Ouch.
    I guess you will have an awesome time, anyway, since you seem like you will be in good company.
    Take care, keep writing this sexy piece of text and juicy amounts of a well-passed time and I’ll keep checking it out, tee-hee.

    I feel like I am now an avid-fan of your blogginess.

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