Whaoh, new blog.

There’s something funny about writing a brand new entry on a blog. The blank page seems to be mocking you and questioning your ability to write something decent. I never write entries based on long drafts or note sheets. I sometimes sit down with an idea, but merely a vague thought on a subject – not the whole shabang all laid out. That takes some of the charm away from blogging. Of course, I have sometimes posted school related essays or short stories, but that can’t possibly count, can it?

Oh, and I probably should tell you right now..
I plan to write a lot of my entries in english.
Why? I have no idea. It just feels right. If I should get the urge to write in norwegian, I’ll probably do so on my other blog.

Today, my father told me I’m too young to fall head over heals in love with Tom Waits’ music. He is one hundred percent right. But I have fallen none the less. Love is a funny thing. It comes in all different shapes and sizes, and you can’t protect yourself from it any more than you can buy it. I love love.

This is turning out to be a pretty boring entry, isn’t it? Well, I’ll just blame the fact that this blog is brand new, and that I’ve got people and an awesome movie waiting for me in the living room.


One response to “Whaoh, new blog.

  1. YAY, NEW BLOG. And in english, I finally can understand more than just 0,01%!
    This is boner.
    I’ll keep an eye on this.

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