Shipping up to Boston!

Well. Not so much «shipping up to Boston» as perhaps «just came home from Bergen by train», but that would have been a pretty boring title.
I’ve had a wonderful weekend. I’ve met some awesome people, and I got to wander around Bergen again. Plus, Anja is awesomeness impersonated and makes even a rainy, dull morning seem bright and filled with cotton candy.
(Even though she tends to eat all the Smash…)

On the train home I sat in a crowded compartment full of forty-something year old women and hyped up kids. There really should be an age limit on trains. One of the hyped up kids kept kicking my seat, and her mother – a large, tired looking lady – kept going to the bathroom, waking me up on her way every single time.

Seeing I couldn’t get any sleep anyway, I read the papers. As you probably know, there’s an election coming up and that should in theory give the journalists more than enough to write about. And in one way it does. But not quite in the way I had expected. The front page was a huge picture of Erna Solberg, party leader in the conservative party known as Høyre, and the headline read something in the lines of «Political makeover». Not for Høyre. For Erna Solberg. According to VG, she has started a diet and is buying new clothes and makeup to prepare for this years election.ERNA

I found the whole thing quite disturbing for several different reasons.

First of all, that woman is disturbing.
I mean, what about her can you not find a bit scary..?

Secondly, WTF?
I thought the papers were supposed to fill us in on the election..? They dedicated a full four pages to this crazy lady’s new diet and warderobe, and didn’t give a rat’s ass about the politics of the political party she’s supposed to represent. I wouldn’t mind them writing about Høyre’s politics. As a matter of fact, I might even have been capable of reading about Høyre’s politics. But Erna Solberg’s plan to loose weight? I can’t see how that could possibly be of any significans what so ever.
I might also add that VG goes on to let an expert(?) judge all the political party leaders’ style and health. Wow.

Last, but not least, why do the female politicians always end up doing this?
I mean, posing in new clothes for magazines, sharing photos and postcards from their last family holiday, inviting the newspaper-people over for dinner… It’s all so pointless and degrading. I do of course know that male politicians do similar stuff all the time, but the way female politicians are being portraitted by the media is awfull. How can anyone defend long stories about Erna’s personal life under the election section in the papers? It’s her party’s politics we are voting for, not the size of the damn woman’s thighs.


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