Cookies and sharks and stuff.

Now how’s that for an awesome combo, eh?

I’m working out some serious phone problems at the moment. If you’re one of the few poor suckers trying to reach me; I wish you the best of luck.
I’m not a very easy person to get a hold of…  Blame my stupid China-bought phone, not me.
And if you should get the hopeless and irritating message
where I pretetend to be there, but I’m really not..
– I am deeply and truly sorry.
I had a very strange sense of humour back in the 7th grade.

Oh well, moving on.

I will be recommending three books on this blog sometime soon. Probably one at a time. I am fully aware that no one actually reads my blog, but I’ve never cared about such trivalties

While you wait in sheer exitement for my recommendations, I can share tonights events with you. Aurora came over at about seven, and we made real american style cookies and real british style tea. I then forced Aurora to watch Shark Month with me. Tonight’s show was about hammerheads. They are awesome. And they look funny.
The hammerhead-show was followed by a documentary series on the boat Steve Irwin and it’s crew of environmentalists, who fights to stop whaling in the Arctic.
I haven’t felt so nerdy in weeks!
Oh, and then we saw the last half of one of my favorite movies. IGOR.
It’s a relatively unknown, animated, low budget movie about evil scinetists and Igors and immortal pains in the ass. And John Cusack, Steve Buscemi and John Cleese have some of the leading roles. If that ain’t the recipe of an awesome movie, I don’t know what is.

João, du er det heiteste mennesket på jordas overflate. Og du er litt sånn pus.


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