Here comes the recommendation of Himmelblomsttreet.

Hi. I’m still sick.
But I’m  on the road to recovery.
Much thanks to my  dear dad, who let me sleep ’til noon today.

I’ve found the soundtrack to Inglourious Basterds on Spotify, and it’s on repeat.
If you’ve got Spotify, click here.

I’ve also found the Panda Song.
Click here.

himmelblomsttreetAnd I pulled of an heroic rescue mission, and managed to dig my dear book out from underneath the clutter and mess on the floor. It’s a book by Gert Nygårdshaug called Himmelblomsttreet. It’s beautiful. And it’s tragical.
The story takes place in South America, and describes a world where powerfull people have taken descisions which lead to different wars and different unions than the ones we’re familiar with today. The book focuses a lot on enviromental issuses, mainly those connected to the rain forests and the inadians. Much like Jens Bjørneboe did a few years earlier, Nygårdshaug discloses the cruelty and greed human beings possess. One of the book’s characters actually describes humans as an evolutionary step in the wrong direction – a species that evolved a bit too fast and now can’t seem to find it’s place.
Nygårdshaug switches from describing harmony, peace and beauty in the most touching and breathtaking way I’ve ever encountred, to expose cruelty, violence and tragedy in a way that makes your heart skip a beat. The result is a magical book that leave you with new points of view, new ideas and a will to change both yourself and the world you live in.
I might add that Himmelblomsttreet is somewhat loosely based on the events of Nygårdshaug previous book, Mengele Zoo, which I also recommend that you read.


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