Join the party!

SofieogragniSofie and I went to Halden today to spread commie propaganda, chocolate and condoms. We met up with Madelen, Eddy and some other people from Østfold RU and visited two local schools. Mari debated on behalf of RU, and convinced more than a few students to vote for us this year.

I really haven’t got much to write about these days. Invi is coming tomorrow, and unless I scare her away she’s staying over the weekend.

The picture is of
me and Sofie, of course.
Sofie is the hottie
on your right hand side.


One response to “Join the party!

  1. Aww. Halden was pretty fun. With this abortion dude who called me a murder. What a weirdo :O You are cute, and you know it. Looking forward to take many new train getaways with you. And Sofie as well. <3

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