I haven’t got a clue…

What are you supposed to do if you know someone with a gaming addiction? There are tons of services and help forums designed for those with eating disorders, mental problems or other issuses – but what about people who are experiencing other kinds of difficulties? My brother spends all his time either in front of his computer or on his xbox. He never goes outside, he rarely invites people over. The only time he has to communicate and socialise is when he’s at school. I did some quick math on it, and came up with an estimation of how much of his time he’s using on gaming and mangawatching…

SverregrafNot as bad as I first thought, but still a bit alarming. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think gaming is necessarily a bad thing. I just think there might be a fine line between OK and too much, and I’m trying as hard as I can to find out where that line is. I love my brother, and therefore I worry about him. I would love to see him do something else – but I’m willing to accept the fact that this is what he wants to do. I guess one of the reasons why I worry so much is our uncle, and the troubles he’s been having. He’s a real sweetheart and a pretty fun guy to hang out with, but his gaming addiction has ruined a lot for him. It’s lost him at least one wife and a girlfriend,  his physical shape, and I’m guessing much of his social life as well. There’s no use talking to him. He doesn’t care. At least he pretends not to care. Some other guys I know are just the same. And we keep hearing stories of people who get so addicted they lose everything, from their houses and jobs to their very lives (although that rarely happens)… The whole phenomenon of gaming addiction – regardless of wether or not it’s a big problem – is quite new. I think society has to catch up and offer some sort of guidance or treatments or anything for these issuses.

My dad just brought me a large, fancy looking espresso with tons of milk and sugar.
My dad is awesome.


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