Money and alchohol

I had too much wine yesterday. My dad had even more.
I slept at Sofie’s place, and she quite viciously woke me up this morning. When Sofie makes up her mind to make your life a living hell, you’re pretty much screwed. Considering the circumstances, it wasn’t all bad. I got coffee and a pillow. And I got to borrow her jacket. Unfortunately, she had emptied my shampoo bottle. And braided my hair.

Oh, and I went to the NITO conferanse on friday. It was scary as hell, but I liked it. I mean, seriously; I got paid 1000 NOK to talk in front of 200 people – what’s not to like? The «getting up»-part wasn’t as nice, though. There’s no greater pain than setting your alarm on 5.15 in the morning. Except perhaps having to get up when said alarm starts ringing, just to end up on the same bus as 15 drunk, middle aged men dressed in matching hats and ugly ties, heading for the Octoberfest in Germany. I swear, I’m not making this up. They brought a guitar. They sang for almost an hour. At seven o’ clock in the morning. Note to self: next time you’re taking the bus to Gardermoen in september – bring shotgun. Or earplugs. Whatever works best.NITOKONGRESS

And yes, that’s me.
Number 4 from your left.


One response to “Money and alchohol

  1. Sofie Mordi Alice Kaffe Johnsen

    I <3 charternordmenn

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