The trip of a lifetime.

I love traveling. There’s something about going to new places and meeting new people that’s simply irresistible.
When I grow up (as if!), I’m going to travel the world with a bunch of friends.

This is how it’s going to happen:

We start off in Lisbon, Portugal.
We get ourself a nice hotel in a small alley.
When we exit the building, we find ourselves in these  stairs.

The stairs are long, and we stop every other step or so
to greet people peeking out their windows and doorways.
When we finally get to the bottom, we find this place.

It’s small and secluded, and we all order mojitos.
We spend almost a week in Lisbon,
drinking our mojitos and talking to locals.
But we know, of course, that it can’t last.
We have move on to new places and new adventures.
(No travel blogs without clichés!)

We go from Lisbon to another Portuguese city, called Évora.
We do not stay long, but we use a few hours admiring the local chapel.
Potugal capella de ossos

It’s called Capela dos Ossos, or the bone chapel,
and it’s decorated with approximately 5000 bones.

Rumor has it that the town villagers came upon a massive amount of bones,
and they did not know what to do with it. Therefore, the chapel became sort of a storage room for the skeletons. I’m guessing they saw the beauty of it, and decided not to find another resting spot for the poor departed.

We can’t stay long in Évora, we have to get going.
Next stop is the gorgeous town of Barcelona, Spain.
We spend just two days there, but that’s really all the time we need.
It’s just enough time to discover the best local cafés, like this one.
The old man makes the worlds greatest cappucino!

After saying goodbye to the café owner, we head for Italy and Venice.
We decide to be traditional, and do all the activities expected from tourists.
First, a journey through the canals by gondola.

Then, a stop at a local gelato bar,
to buy two big scoops of traditional, Italian ice cream.

Kopi av Italianicecream


This is already a trip of a lifetime, but I’m not quite done yet.


3 responses to “The trip of a lifetime.

  1. Jeg har vært i det derre kapellet trur jeg ^^

  2. Sofie Mordi Alice Kaffe Johnsen

    Church of skulls! :D

  3. Wow, Ragni, you’ve been travelling a lot, eh?
    So you stopped round Portugal!
    But in Lisbon and Évora? I’m miles away from these places. But yeah, I loved Évora when I went there like two or three years ago.
    Lisbon… is a bit dull, I went there two summers ago. The only thing I really liked there was visiting the top of the Torre de Belém, you know, that near to sea XVI century building, during the discovery ages. It has an awesome view, but the stairs are so freaking narrow…
    Tell me you went there!

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