There goes the fear…

I have finally let go, and I’m moving on. This is going to be great.
Tomorrow I’ll study for my big test, apply for a bunch of jobs and arrange a movie night with Moss RU. I’ll continue my vegeterian diet and my relaxed lifestyle. Monday I’ll tell the choir that I’m leaving. Next weekend I’ll make Halloween plans. And starting today I’m going to take the serious things in life more serious, and at the same time try to enjoy the joyfull and peacefull events I encounter in a better way than I have before. I really wish I could go on living my overhectic, double scheduled lifestyle, but I can’t. I have to deal with that. And I plan on dealing with it right now – no delays. That way, I can start changing this current situation for the better right away.
So wish me luck. I don’t think it’s going to be easy, but I have to give it a shot.

And what could be more random like now than american weirdos ?



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