Freedom of speach, and all that jazz…

I think wordpress is about the only website my school hasn’t blocked yet. I normally don’t make blog entries while in class, but right now we’re writing this science report, and I finished it on Friday. Go me.

I really want to continue writing notes and gathering information on this project I’m working on, but I don’t know where to begin. I have to write about 10 pages of essay on Freedom of Speach, and I have yet to find an approach to the problem. I’m thinking racism, conflicts of culture and xenophobia in Norway. I’ve already got some ideas, and I might actually end up comparing the jew propaganda of WWII to today’s blackening of islam and middle eastern culture. I am not sure yet, though.

I really wish I could find the inner strength
and inspiration to finish my imaginary journey.
But right now, I guess I’d be better off finishing my homework.


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